Dr. Graeme Worboys explains how this important E-Book will serve as part of a global curriculum to train managers of protected areas.

Dr. Graeme Worboys is the Editor of this IUCN-endorsed project to prepare this new book on Protected Area Management for students and practitioners. It will be generated as an E-Book and is planned to be launched at the Sydney 2014 World Parks Congress. The co- editors of this book are Michael Lockwood and Ashish Kothari.

Dr. Worboys is also the Principal Author of Chapter 2: Concept, purpose and challenges; Chapter 3:  Earth’s natural heritage; Chapter 8: Managing protected areas;   Chapter 27:  Managing incidents

He is an Adjunct Fellow at the Fenner School of Environment and Society of Australian National University and a protected area management specialist with 40 years’ experience at operational and policy levels. He works nationally and internationally on protected area management issues and particularly on World Heritage assignments. He has co-edited and participated as a lead author for IUCN's compendium texts of protected area management and connectivity conservation management.