Dr. Vinod Mathur points out that effective management of protected areas requires the ability to continually assess and manage threats, a talks about how this E-Book will show many ways to achieve this.

Dr. Vinod Mathur is the Principal Author of Chapter 17, Managing Threats. He  is the Regional Vice Chair for South Asia in the IUCN’s World Commission Protected Areas and a member of its Joint Task Force on Biodiversity and Protected Areas. He is also the Dean of the Wildlife Institute of India, an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. WII carries out wildlife research in areas of study like Biodiversity, Endangered Species, Wildlife Policy, Wildlife Management, Wildlife Forensics, Spatial Modeling, Ecodevelopment, and Climate Change. WII has a research facility which includes Forensics, Remote Sensing and GIS, Laboratory, Herbarium, and an Electronic Library.