Videos powerfully convey the value of this new E-Book

A series of nine videos has been added to our E-Book website, to quickly and powerfully convey the value and timeliness of this massive project. Each commentator is a protected area expert who shares their views on why the world needs this book and how it will help current and future generations to protect the special part of our planet. Click on "The Value of this Book" link, and enjoy the videos.

Tracking the Project progress

The book project is steadily marching forward!  For those interested in tracking the progress of this timely book, Graeme is keeping us updated with periodic progress reports. They can be viewed and downloaded on the Newsletters page.

Welcome to the Protected Area Governance and Management Book Blog

Although this is a massive project consisting of multiple authors and editors spread around the world, we can easily follow its progress through this new website and blog. Graeme and his team will keep us all informed about the project through this blog as the project unfolds over the year. Stay tuned for new information, images, and anecdotes posted here during the year.

This will be a new "summit" for Graeme and his Book Team. Good on ya mates!

--Linda McMillan